About Us

The Military and Veteran Caregiver Peer Support Network (MVCN) offers peer-based support and services to connect those providing care to servicemembers and veterans living with wounds, illnesses and/or injuries.  The Network is modeled on the nationally recognized, evidence-based programs of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), which has provided compassionate peer-based support to more than 60,000 loved ones of those who have died during their service in the Armed Forces.


The mission of the MVCN (together with our partners) is to provide our nation’s pre- and post-9/11-era military and veteran caregivers with peer support to reduce their isolation and increase their senses of connectedness, engagement, hopefulness, wellness, as well as their knowledge and skills.


The MVCN helps caregivers of all ages, at all stages of caregiving, providing  access to three peer support programs:

  • Online Peer Support Community
  • Peer Mentor Support Program
  • Peer Support Groups (Online & Community-Based)


The MVCN helps caregivers of all ages and stages, clinicians, partners and supporters, providing access to three open caregiver-focused services:
  • Resource Library
  • Caregiver Master Calendar
  • WeCare Magazine (E-zine)


MVCN programs are regularly evaluated to ensure that they:

  • Meet the needs of caregivers for connection and engagement
  • Deliver consistent, highest quality peer support services
  • Facilitate access to relevant partner services and resources nationwide
  • Maintain accountability to caregivers, partners and donors