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Fall 2015

Lakeshore Foundation brings families of wounded warriors together through fun physical activity

By Moe T.

I always wanted to be like my dad. My dad was the best. People would talk about him in a good way. They would talk about his strength, how good a soldier he was, how humble he was, and how he stood up for the weak. When he was hurt, I was 5 or 6. I am 15 now, and I remember vaguely that he was strong, fun, a hard worker and funny. He still has these traits, although he is now quadriplegic, so now he needs a lot more assistance. But no matter what the doctors said to him, he just said, “Screw the doctors…God is bigger than this,” and kept training. Now he’s accomplishing things the doctors said he could never do! People don’t even know he is quadriplegic sometimes!

My family and I got to go to a program called Lakeshore Foundation: Operation Down Home. It’s phenomenal….if you’re athletic. No, just kidding! Seriously, it’s very athletic and it’s not like training, but you have fun while you do it because everybody jokes around. I got to try snorkeling, basketball, tennis, shooting a rifle, shooting a bow and arrow, going tubing pulled by a speedboat going like 100 mph (that was SUPER COOL!!), and more fun stuff. I enjoyed the things I got to do on the side, like bicycling, basketball, wheelchair rugby, rock wall climbing, water skiing, etc.

Anyway, this was really the best experience because my dad actually got to do everything with us! They even had a special water ski chair he could get in, AND they had a family size tube, so he got to ride with us – way slower, of course. He got to join in instead of just watch, which he never gets to do when we do family stuff.

I honestly hope you have a chance to go because there are amazing people to get to know. If you’re shy, that’s okay, because there are only a couple families per group. There’s also free food and drinks. I don’t know if you like food or not, but I LOVE food! The family cabins are crazy roomy and really nice – every room gets its own bathroom! I still had to share with my little brother, but at least I didn’t have to wait for my sister to get out of the bathroom!

If you want to be a doctor, just remember– no matter what, just give the patient hope!  And always remember to keep enduring – no matter what!


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