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Our Online Peer Support Community offers a secure, confidential space in which caregiver peers can connect. The Online Community features discussion groups, topics, chats and webinars that offer a place to share experiences and practical information, as well as educational and training opportunities, all monitored by trained Peer Moderators. These sharing and learning opportunities are selected by and for military and veteran caregivers, in partnership with experts in their fields. All caregivers who assist a military servicemember or veteran of any (whether a loved one or friend)— who is no longer able to carry out certain activities of daily life, due to wounds, illness or injury—are welcome. No matter where you live—or what caregiving responsibilities or challenges you face—our Online Community offers a secure space in which to connect with other caregivers for information and support.

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“The Online Community is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a caregiver community that understands me. I never feel alone because the online community is always available to me with resources and information.” M

Spouse Caregiver and Mother

“Sometimes you just need someone else to tell you you’re not crazy, to make you feel a little more normal so you can handle whatever crazy is in your world!” S

Spouse Caregiver and Mother

“Having support from people who ‘get it,’ even in a virtual environment, makes me feel I have a soft place to fall if things are not going well. They are my own cheering squad to help me celebrate when there are positive things happening.” V

Spouse Caregiver and Mother