Create a Profile

In our secure Online Community registered caregivers can create a profile much like the profiles of other social media sites. The profile allows the registered caregiver to post a picture, set email preferences, choose a username and to share information.


Chats are scheduled live interactions in our Online Community. Registered caregivers can join live chats as they happen. Trained caregiver Peer Moderators facilitate chats to keep the conversation flowing and ensure all users can participate, are respected and understood.

Chats focus on specific topics, such as how to juggle the role of caregiving while working outside of the home. Like natural conversations, however, chats can lead to sharing about other issues. This offers registered caregivers free, secure access the ability to share in real-time with others who have similar responsibilities. Once chats close, content is no longer accessible.

Discussions Groups

Discussion Groups offer registered users 24/7 access to ongoing forums hosted in a secure group platform. Registered caregivers can join groups focusing on caregiving-related topics including managing finances, understanding PTSD and supporting children and youth.

Groups are moderated by trained (caregiver) Peer Moderators to ensure appropriateness and accuracy of the content and facilitate a supportive climate for sharing.

Discussion Topics

As the registered users navigate and populate the online community, topics are tagged and sorted for an easy search function. The online community highlights the popular topics for easy access and allows users to tag community information with specific topic tags.


Our Online Community sponsors and hosts (live) webinars. These events are hosted by trained moderators and may include presentations, discussions, demonstrations or instructional sessions (led by caregivers or subject matter experts) of interest and use to caregivers.

The dates, times and details for upcoming webinars will appear on the Master Calendar. Depending on the host or sponsor, some webinars are limited to caregivers in certain circumstance or with specific concerns.  Others are  open to caregivers, family members, friends and providers. All webinars hosted by the MVCN are accessible live, as well as in archived form in the Resource Library.


Just like the feed or wall on other social media sites the chatter function keeps registered users up to speed with the latest posts from the users they follow and the groups they join.

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