Become a Peer Mentor


As a caregiver, you may have reached a place in your journey where you are interested in giving back.

If you are interested in sharing the benefit of your experiences and you have time to support your fellow caregivers, the Military & Veteran Caregiver Network’s Peer Mentor Support Program may be the perfect way for you to connect, share and support other military and veteran caregivers one-to-one as a volunteer Peer Mentor. As a Peer Mentor, you will receive training that will give you the knowledge and skills to guide your caregiver Peer Mentee. This support offers a valuable contribution to other caregivers and will also enrich your life, providing meaningful connections.


Qualities of our Peer Mentors: Are you an adult caregiver who is at least 12 months past the initial hospitalization, release or diagnosis of your loved one or friend?


  • Are you hopeful, respectful, open minded and empathic?
  • Are you consistently practicing self-care?
  • Can you use your journey to relate to other people?
  • Can you keep the focus of conversation on others, not on you?
  • Can you respect privacy and confidentiality?
  • Can you encourage people to make their own decisions?
  • Can you encourage the best in people?

If you answered, “Yes,” you are a great candidate to be a Peer Mentor to a caregiver. You can help provide caregivers a safe place to share, to validate their emotions and experience and to learn new information and skills.

Steps to becoming a MVCN Peer Mentor:

  1. Join the Military and Veteran Caregiver Peer Support Network.
  2. In the Online Community, complete the MVCN Peer Mentor Application.
  3. Complete self-paced (online) training modules.
  4. Complete the Peer Mentor training, online or in person.

Once you complete the Peer Mentor Application, MVCN program staff will review it and contact you to discuss next steps in becoming a Peer Mentor for military and veteran caregivers just like you.

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