Request a Peer Mentor


As a caregiver, it is not easy to share your world–to find someone who understands, who will listen without judgment and who has been where you are now. MVCN Peer Mentors are that someone: a source of understanding and hope. They are trained caregivers who possess experience helping caregivers who are supporting a loved one or friend with wounds, illness or injuries.

A Peer Mentor is your connection. They are someone to talk to one-to-one, by phone, chat, text or email– whichever is the most comfortable way for you to share. Because caregiving changes your world, it is most helpful to have a Peer Mentor, a constant companion who will walk beside you for as long as you need.


To Request an MVCN Peer Mentor:

  1. Join the Military and Veteran Caregiver Peer Support Network.
  2. In the Online Community, complete the Peer Mentor Application.
  3. Once you complete the application to request a Peer Mentor, MVCN program staff will review it and contact you to discuss next steps in being assigned a Peer Mentor.


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