Tools to Get Your Financial House in Order

July 16, 2019 @ 12:00 PM
Blue Star Families

What’s financial wellness? It’s the peace of mind you feel when you’ve balanced saving and spending … living well today and planning for tomorrow. How do you achieve it? That’s what the Blue Star Families Financial Wellness Center is for.

Wondering how your finances stack up? Visit the Financial Wellness Center and try the Self-Assessment tool. Answer just 20 simple questions on key financial behaviors, and you’ll get a visual assessment that gives you manageable steps and suggests areas of focus to improve your financial wellness. The tool is just part of what the Center offers. It also contains engaging articles, short videos, and additional interactive tools that can help you achieve your financial wellness goals.

This webinar explains Blue Star Families’ Digital Financial Wellness center, in partnership with Prudential. It also details some tools that may be especially helpful to military families.