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Join other caregivers in confidential, peer-facilitated, partner-assisted support groups online or in your community

Peer Support Groups

Our Peer Support Groups, led by trained caregiver facilitators, are conveniently available online or near your home. They provide a secure, confidential places for caregivers to gather, to share experiences, empathy, education and encouragement. Some groups are actively assisted by trusted, MVCN partners (non-profit organizations) that may provide refreshments, transportation assistance and/or childcare.


MVCN Peer Support Groups offer an opportunity to share about the issues, concerns and needs faced by caregivers. They provide a safe space where all you have to say is, Have you ever…? and other heads nod in unison.

Our Peer Support Groups help you to discover: You are not alone and others will walk with you on your journey.

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Join other caregivers in confidential, peer-facilitated, partner-assisted support groups in your community- or online. Groups are now forming groups across the country.

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Become a Peer Facilitator


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Peer Facilitator for our Community-Based and Online Peer Support Groups. Learn skills to help your caregiver peers reduce their senses of isolation by sharing their experiences in a community of mutual support.


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Assist a Peer Support Group

Find ways to support local Support Groups by offering meeting space, transportation, childcare, refreshments or other resources.

Assist a Support Group

There is nothing more reassuring than hearing other caregivers share their experiences that are so similar to mine.


Spouse Caregiver and Mother

It is so freeing to see everyone’s heads nod with understanding when I say, “Sometimes I wish I could just hide for a couple days and just rest without feeling guilty!”


Spouse Caregiver and Mother

It helps me so much knowing that there are other caregivers in my community with stories that I can relate to in many ways. Support is imperative in this life.


Spouse Caregiver and Mother