Children of Wounded Warriors (Grants for extra-curricular activities)

Children of Wounded Warriors work relentlessly with the local community to organize awareness for the need to support the children of our fallen heroes or have suffered a financial hardship due to a death or medical condition. Many times the children are over looked during such tragedies as that of a loss of US Military, Law Enforcement Officer, or Fire Rescue personnel. During this time it is important the children get to continue with their extra-curricular activities in order to maintain a level of normalcy and be able to use these activities to relieve the stress that accompanies during such tragedies.

Children of Wounded Warriors organize fundraising events such as the Cake Off, White Party, Quarter Auction, 5k-10k races etc. in order to assist with grant awards. These grants are awarded to the families of the Children of Wounded Warriors in order to assist the families suffering the loss of hero or have suffered a significant loss of income due to a death or medical condition. These grants help fund the children’s extra-curricular activities: sports, dance, or any other type of activities that helps the child spiritually and emotionally.

Children of Wounded Warriors provides grants to children that are in need of funds for immediate and direct assistance for activities that renew their mind and spirits. Awards range from $250 – $500 per year. Applicants can apply twice a year.


Phone: 561.722.9620

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