Operation Family Caregiver

Operation Family Caregiver (OFC), a program of the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, provides free and confidential support to the families of those who have served our nation. We help the families of returning Servicemembers and veterans adjust to the “new normal” by coping more effectively with problems they never imagined.

OFC provides specially trained coaches to help military families learn how to overcome the obstacles they face and to manage any challenges that might come along. OFC is available to caregivers nationwide; it can be delivered in person in multiple locations across the country or via Skype/Face Time.

Our coaches work for local, community-based organizations, not the military, and will visit the caregiver’s home, or meet by phone/Skype, to customize a 16- to 24-week program that is unique to each family. Together, caregivers and their coaches develop strategies that can help them get through the tough times and make plans for how to manage over the long term.

Website: www.operationfamilycaregiver.org

Phone: 229.928.1234

Topics: Mental and Physical Health

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