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Our mission is to respond to the soul injury generated by unmourned grief and unforgiven guilt that occurs during trauma, abuse, and neglect. “Opus” is a Latin noun that means “a work,” and is commonly used to describe a complex masterpiece. “Opus” is an old word that captures the ageless, artful complexity of creating a true “masterpeace” — pervasive peace that penetrates beyond comforting facades.  The word “opus” reminds us that authentic peace requires work, courageous work, to heal scattered pieces of self. It also requires work to penetrate defensive, intimidating inner terrain that often prevents us from encountering our loving, grace-filled, compassionate self that hides its vulnerability in our depths. Opus Peace seeks to:

• Promote authentic peace by doing the work of healing self-disregard, heartache, chronic illness, neglect, abuse, trauma, death, or war so we can inhabit ourselves more completely.
• Educate and support individuals, companies, and communities through: presentations, books, web-based learning, consultation, ceremonial workshops, retreats, mentoring, and train-the-trainer programs.
• Promote and mentor self-sustaining, small, healing communities for personal growth, relying on vitality within and beyond ourselves to propel us toward wholeness and holiness.
• Facilitate Soul Injury ceremonial workshops to heal our nation after war and Soul Restoration ceremonial workshops to revitalize the weary, wary caregiver’s heart.
• Develop a network of like-minded associates who live and promote the mission of Opus Peace.


Website: http://www.opuspeace.org/

Phone: 727.755.4265

Topics: Resources, Interfaith Action and Ministry, Mental and Physical Health

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