Operation NPLB

Operation NPLB, formerly known as No Person Left Behind, was founded as an independent charity that allows like-minded professional hunters, fisherman, and outdoor-minded people to ensure that disabled veterans always receive the best outdoor hunting and fishing opportunities. NPLB has always provided wounded warriors with services complimentary to those offered by OSC, and in March of 2011 NPLB became a permanent part of Operation Second Chance.

Today, Operation NPLB aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured Servicemembers from all eras that must endure the lifelong sacrifices made for our country. NPLB supports injured Soldiers, Sailors, Coasties, Airman, and Marines by reintroducing them to hunting, fishing and life outdoors. Volunteers offer their time and skills to aid in the emotional recovery of our veterans through outdoor activities with fellowship and the encouragement to overcome any disability.

The NPLB program is about much more than showing disabled veterans they can still enjoy hunting and fishing. Giving our veterans an opportunity to share their wartime experience with those who have been there before enables veterans to promote healing within their own ranks just like taking care of a buddy on the battlefield. Operation Second Chance’s Operation NPLB program empowers disabled veterans to break away from the perceived frailty of their injuries.

NPLB also helps veterans by working with sister organizations and through active engagement throughout the region. Since 2010 the NPLB program has helped start three other sister organizations across the Mid-Atlantic region that include The Napley Green Gun Club Waterfowl Hunt, WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) Hunters for Heroes and Navhda (North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Operation On Point. The opportunity for more outdoor outings means that we can help more veterans.

Operation NPLB helps wounded warriors heal the emotional wounds in a way that many warriors understand and appreciate. Our biggest objective is to show our returning warriors that they are loved, appreciated, and honored. Americans that love this country for its founding values and its veterans for all they stand for founded NPLB. The sacrifices our veterans make will never be forgotten and OSC’s Operation NPLB will continue to do all we can to give back to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

If you are a veteran interested in participating in an Operation NPLB outing, please contact nplb@operationsecondchance.org

Website: http://www.operationsecondchance.org/nplb

Topics: Respite Care and Recreation

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