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Grief, Trauma and Loss in Children

Participants will learn strategies for helping children deal with grief, trauma, and loss. Emphasis will be placed on respecting the cultural traditions, belief systems, and privacy of each child.

Positive Psychology and Developing Skills to Help Children and Youth Build Resilience and Thrive

Participants will explore what it means to thrive and the role of caring adults in helping children reach their full potential. Participants will continue to build their toolkit of strategies for supporting children’s’ resilience and competence.

Processes that Support Military/Veteran-connected Children with Exceptional Needs

Participants will identify the amplified transition challenges that impact mobile military-connected students with exceptional needs and design methods to ease transitions for these children and youth. Participants will also have the opportunity to form networks with other caregivers who have children with exceptional needs.

School Transition Concerns Impacting Military/Veteran-Connected Children

Participants will formulate plans for setting the conditions that allow smooth transitions for children/youth to occur automatically. Participants will design and implement methods to ease the social/emotional transition complexities impacting children and youth.



Adaptability to Change

Participants will develop effective communication skills that promote a child’s ability to adapt to change and adjust to new expectations and ways of doing things. Participants will discuss how change affects preschool, school-aged and middle/high school youth. Parental tips to support children/ youth through any change will also be explored.

Bouncing Back: Turning Stress into Strength

Participants will examine the positive side of stress and ways to channel it productively. They will also network with other caregivers to develop strategies which can be applied when working with growing children and budding adults. A personal stress management plan for children and youth will be introduced.

Choosing a Better Tomorrow

Participants will learn the elements of wellbeing, benefits of developing a positive mindset, and the role of gratitude and service in launching children on a lifetime of success. Strategies for reframing a situation and positive self-talk are among the valuable tools presented.

Creating Strong Families

Participants will examine the qualities that make families strong. They will discuss daily habits that build permanent connections and enduring relationships with children. Suggestions for nurturing and strengthening relationships in the family will be provided.

Developing Positive Coping Strategies

Participants will focus on positive coping skill areas that help caregivers steer children toward reframing events as challenges rather than traumas. Special emphasis is placed on strengthening lines of communication, the value of quality time, and managing emotions appropriately.

Homework Help

Participants will learn the 5 M’s of limiting homework hassles and timely tips for helping students get the greatest benefit from homework. Participants will also explore homework hints that enable students to develop the skills of an independent learner.

Organizing the Important Stuff

Participants will explore many options for establishing orderliness for their child’s world and will come away with ready solutions for encouraging positive habits of organization. They will also examine the world of children for whom organization is a real struggle and will leave with suggestions for providing solid support.

Persistent and Challenging Behaviors

Participants will learn the importance of promoting positive behaviors, guidelines for using criticism thoughtfully, and when to seek professional help and additional resources.

School Success

Participants will learn ideas and tips that will improve their children’s potential for success in school. They will also have the opportunity to network with other caregiver parents and explore technology support for staying connected with school personnel.

Social Building Blocks for a Sturdy Foundation

Participants will learn key and essential social milestones for the very young child, elementary-aged child, and middle/high school young adult. Participants will also explore parent tips for addressing issues when delays in developmental milestones become evident.


Let’s Chat Series

Let’s Chat About…School Success

examines the importance of establishing a line of communication with educators, discussing difficult topics with teachers, and maximizing parent-teacher conferences.

Let’s Chat About…Organizing the Important Stuff

explores organization solutions to the sometimes chaotic lives of caregivers. Providing opportunities to collaborate on working solutions to simplify life.

Let’s Chat About…Choosing a Better Tomorrow for your Young Child

encourages caregiving parents of young children to foster going beyond resiliency to thrive, discover champions, and discover an optimistic outlook.

Let’s Chat About…Choosing a Better Tomorrow for your Adolescent Child

encourages caregiving parents of middle and high school children, by discussing how to stay “plugged in to the plugged in generation.”

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